Zippity is handmade in a small workshop in Chicago. To order yours, call 1-833-ZIPPITY.

How to Wear

Wearing Zippity

Imagine a piece of fabric, draping, folding, molding and tucking, providing comfort and creating joy…

Let your imagination take flight!

Explore ways to wear a Zippity and learn how it can inspire a sense of joy, whimsy, and elegance. Zippity has the ability to be worn several ways to create a different look or evoke a different emotion. Your Zippity can be worn as a hat, cape, scarf, dress, skirt, cover-up, and an evening gown.

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How to Wear

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Matisse: Painterly flow

The bright cobalt blue crepe dechins is sensational for any occasion. The 4-gusset detail is cut on the bias to enhance the flowing circular quality. Easy to twirl and dance up and down the body draping and tucking, as it becomes a skirt, strapless dress, off the shoulder gown or generous cape. The ability to be bustled in the back, tucked or twisted in the front or zipped in any way allow for spontaneity in the evening or day.

Iridescent Underwing: Swish with multiple gusset detail

Manmade Silver Metallic fabric is magical and flickers in the light and casts off a reflective rainbow effect depending on the brightness of a light source .The ample flare of the Zippity design is accentuated by the multiple gussets adding a dramatic ruffle and romantic fullness at the bottom. Additional shorter Zippity accessory is available and also shown as a halter-top to accompany and may become a tube top, scarf, shawl or headpiece depending on the use, placement and desired style. Available in gold and silver and sheer lame.

Midsummer’s Night Green: Romantic Two-Piece

Forest Green silk patterned burnout chiffon lends itself to a dancing with nature look lined in bright aqua silk chiffon adorned by a matching 12 inch biased bottom ruffle adding dimensional elegance and grace . Shown as a two- piece set, shorter styled skirt at first with a long tie wing sash or belted accessory . Next, paired with a second longer Zippity cape to compliment the undergarment as a gorgeous layering piece for an evening soiree.

Feel No Blues: Spa or Hospital Gown

Playful, Purpose, Function: Popular as a cover-up for pool, spa or after shower. Best functional hospital gown for hospital stay or doctor visit with unique patented zipped closure or opening details providing non reveal styling with respect to maintaining personal integrity for doctor examinations. Soft and lightweight cotton comes in multiple colored solids, checked, striped and plaid patterns. Also available in lightweight and heavier velour terrycloth, organic and bamboo knits. Machine washable.

"White Cloud Going into Night Sky" Slicker

White patent leather with flannel lining paired with a quilted thermal water-resistant slicker is a fun display of the unlimited possibilities for Zippity! This white slicker just begs for matching go-go boots on a rainy day! The vinyl is waterproof and has a hooded option, so you’ll be fashionable ready for rain at a moments notice. A slick mod fashion statement with a soft collar detail for added warmth and dryness that hugs at the neck or body if desired. The night sky is extra warm as a quilted cape and acts as a stylish cozy option on a cold damp day by the sea or in the mountains. Stunning and functional, on the runway or in a golf cart, have fun – with a splash! Available in cream, noir, silver, storm, gold, sunny, navy and dirt patent leather and quilted water resistant fabrics. View this Zippity here.