Zippity is handmade in a small workshop in Chicago. To order yours, call 1-833-ZIPPITY.


Zippity: Our Vision & Mission

Zippity nurtures a creative approach to getting dressed, weaving comfort and the personal expression of beauty into a garment for everyone.

Designed to encourage freedom of movement and a healthy sense of self,  Zippity transforms the ritual of getting dressed into playful adventure. Each person who puts on a Zippity fashions a response to their own needs and dreams. The ingenious properties of the design imbue a single piece of cloth with unlimited possibilities for the wearer to envision and create potential for optimism and joy in life.  Clothing designed to match the kinetic nature of the human body, what could be more divine?

Whatever your form or level of fitness, your destination or style, a Zippity will reflect your inner beauty and creativity.

Zippity looks forward to sharing the interactive power that its design and beauty has to offer! We want you to look and feel good, no matter where life takes you: the gym, office, classroom, beach, museum, or black tie gala.

Zippity is a handmade artistic creation made in a small workshop in Chicago. Only three of a kind are made of each custom design.

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Our Roots in Health, Wellness, and Self-Care

Zippity was initially created with the intention of helping to support the emotional and physical reserves of those fighting against disease. As a member of the wellness community, I was aware that comfort is of the utmost importance for patients who are undergoing treatment for debilitating diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s, MS or ALS.

Over the years, many have had their spirits lifted by the unique versatility of Zippity. Initially created to support the emotional and physical reserves of those fighting disease, its revitalizing effects became increasingly evident as we spoke with people wearing the garment and organizations that distributed it to their patients.

Although Zippity has grown into a more universal vision, we will always stay true to our roots. That is why, with each sale from the couture line, we give a Zippity as a gift to a person in need of physical or emotional healing.

About the Organizations We Support

Because much of the healing line is gratis, many clients have chosen to make a donation to their local hospitals or wellness centers in Zippity’s name. The Wellness House in Hinsdale, Illinois, and The Bothin Foundation in San Francisco, California are two such recipients.

The Bothin Foundation makes capital grants to social service, arts and environmental nonprofit organizations that provide direct services to disadvantaged children, youth, families, and the disabled. The foundation also supports schools exclusively serving children with learning differences.

Wellness House envisions a community where all people affected by cancer thrive. Offered at no cost, and as a complement to medical treatment, their programs educate, support and empower participants so they will improve their physical and emotional well-being.

Do you know of a great organization that could benefit from Zippity?