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“My favorite Zippity is made of the finest periwinkle blue silk strewn with dots that make me think of champagne releasing its effervescence.  It not only fits me, it suits me!  That’s why I always celebrate when I wear my Zippity — or is it that I celebrate because I’m wearing my Zippity?”
Dr. M. A., Chicago, Illinois

“The key is asymmetrical all the time! Any of us klutzy people who would not know anything about design, could wear Zippity and feel beautiful instantly.”
L. J., Chicago, Illinois

“Zippity is a simple design that truly makes you feel hugged by elegance.”
D.D., San Francisco, California

“Pack up your Zippity because it is the most essential traveling accessory on the globe.”
S. A., London, England

“Everyone has different tastes and Zippity can be a reflection of your individual personality. Nobody is going to look the same. The style is already there and, no matter where you are,  you don’t have to think about it.”
– R. S., Steamboat, Colorado

“Don’t be afraid. Just mess with it and then it is clear what Zippity will do.”
E. T., Basel, Switzerland

“Zippity was life at both ends of the spectrum. My sister in law had a brain tumor and loved it and then her pregnant daughter wore the same one and found it so cozy to use often when she was nursing her newborn.”
M. H., Winnetka, Illinois

“I never leave home without my Zippity.”
Zippity Fan,  London, England

“It is all about touch, I’m a tactile person. I love the colors and the expansive feeling of Zippity.”
Zippity Fan, Santa Barbara, California

“Sometimes I feel preppy and boring or think, “I don’t have anywhere to where that,” but Zippity reminds me of a sense of freedom of movement and artistic flow in the way I get dressed.”
Zippity Fan,  New York, New York

“At 9 months pregnant, it is so easy! I don’t have anything else this gorgeous to wear that fits over my belly.”
R. B.,  Orinda, California

“Do Dah…. a frisky, brilliant concept by our brilliant and creative Robin, who with her unique designs makes everyone with their shapes and sizes feel special, elegant, and transformed!”
– P.D.Y., Sun Valley, Idaho


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