Zippity is handmade in a small workshop in Chicago. To order yours, call 1-833-ZIPPITY.

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“Zippity kindles a sense of radiance and well-being in anyone who wears the garment.”— Robin Lachman Lee, Creator of Zippity

As an artist, my impetus to create springs from a world of feeling and inspiration. As for inventing Zippity, that feeling and inspiration stems from a time in my life when a dear friend became seriously ill with cancer. All I wanted to do was to provide comfort, as any good friend would. “What if I could create something nurturing to keep her in touch with her spirit and make her feel more at home as she fights this awful disease?”

As I started to play with one piece of fabric — draping, folding, molding and pinning in simple places — my concept for Zippity revealed itself. Although I was making it for my friend, I couldn’t help but feel uplifted by the fabric myself; I realized that this had the potential to be a divine design for everyone that uplifts the spirit, renews energy and life force, and provides a sense of beauty and completeness to the wearer.

“It could be a garment for everyone, everyday, everywhere.”

And can you believe, all of this from one piece of fabric? This simple garment could be therapeutic, bringing joyful wellness to the body, mind and soul. The Zippity was born.

Today, I couldn’t be more joyful to know that the Zippity is uplifting spirits in the hallways of treatment centers and hospitals, and in the privacy of people’s homes, in America and abroad! 

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, I never leave home without Zippity in case I get the chance to introduce the concept to those who might benefit from its comfort and therapy. If I am visiting hospitals or wellness centers, Zippity is a perfect gift to someone who can benefit and enjoy the nurturing strength and power the clothing offers.

Zippity is handmade in a small workshop in Chicago. Only three of a kind are produced of each custom design.