Camo Flora

Camo Flora

Camo Flora


This extended wrapped Zippity has a delicate lettuce edge due to the multiple layering effects once it is secured. The extension of the lightweight single layer sheer silk appears to add a layered effect when wrapped. The fabric flares and ruffles where it falls. Like all Zippity’s, Camo Flora may be styled up and down the body to create a sophisticated look.

Wrap Styles


Printed multicolored lightweight Silk Chiffon in bougainvillea, pine, terracotta and white.

Step by Step: Wrap Skirt

The Zippity wrap skirt wraps and drapes like a flower petal around the body.

Step by Step: Wrap Dress

Multi-layered wrap dress with soft drape ranging from sheer to opaque. Moves up the body form and can be worn strapless or as shown with an additional body suit or blouse. 

Step by Step: Wrap Cape/Scarf Dress

Multi-layered cape/scarf dress. Follows the body form and style drapes softly around shoulders, twirling up the body form to accomplish warmth and a becoming flair.