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Be Well

The Zippity® Rx: The World’s First Zippered Medical Gown

“The Zippity® Rx allows the medical care personnel to have access to the patient. At the same time the patient is able to conserve their modesty and dignity.”

— Dr. Robert L. Coffey, Pulmonologist

Transforming the Patient Experience: The Zippity® Rx Gown

The Zippity® Rx kindles a sense of energy and well-being in the patient. The patented no gap back design provides full access to the caregiver while protecting patient dignity and providing warmth.

The Zippity® Rx revolutionizes how healthcare is experienced in the 21st century. This zippered gown nourishes the spirit, wrapping the body in warmth– giving dignity, respect and compassion to every patient.

Anyone who has had a physical exam or a surgical procedure can relate to the sense of vulnerability and anxiety one feels sitting alone on a hard table, naked under a thin hospital gown.

But, what if there was a gown with a no gap back that could help your patient stay warm and accessible during your exam, while protecting patient dignity?

Be Well

Introducing the The Zippity® Rx, a unique medical gown with a patented no gap back design that features pending FDA-approved plastic separating zippers. Designed for doctor visits, hospital stays, spas and home use, the The Zippity® Rx allows patients to wrap themselves up easily. The The Zippity® Rx zips on and zips off again efficiently.

The Zippity® Rx ensures comfort and range of motion without compromising the health care professional’s access to the patient. When healing is the goal, The Zippity® Rx frees the patient to begin care from a position of strength, drawing on interior reserves and energy, gathering strength and hope.

*Plastic zippers pending FDA approval

“Zippity® ℞ kindles a sense of radiance and well-being in anyone who wears the garment. The design has the potential to beautify all bodies, by uplifting your spirit, renewing energy, and strengthening the will to embrace life.”

–Robin Lachman Lee, Creator of Zippity®

Who is the Zippity® Rx for?

The patented design of the Zippity® Rx maximizes comfort by allowing patients freedom of movement with a fluid form that drapes, wraps, zips and follows the body’s contours. It may sound grand, but it works!
The Zippity® Rx gown is specifically designed for use in the healthcare field. It provides comfort and dignity to patients without interfering with the healthcare professional’s access to the body.

The unique patented zippered closure of the Zippity® Rx provides non-reveal styling to help maintain privacy and warmth during doctor exams. The Zippity® Rx has the option of a no gap back and offers three configurations of full zip or unzip at the chest, back, side or arm openings.

The Zippity® Rx plastic zips (pending FDA-approval) feature 3 zip-on and zip-off configurations. Gender neutral, the Zippity® Rx is suitable for use by patients of all ages and is essential wear for:

  • Doctor and Dental offices
  • MRI and CT exam rooms
  • Hospitals
  • OBGYN offices
  • Hospice
  • Spas
  • Physical Therapy
  • Breastfeeding

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  • Gender Neutral
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Made from soft, lightweight fabric
  • Choose from multiple solid colors or striped or plaid patterns
  • Available by special order in velour terry cloth, organic bamboo knit, or silk
  • * Zippity® Rx plastic zips are pending FDA-approval
  • Size Information: Available in 12-inch, 18-inch, 26-inch and 40-inch lengths for infants, children and adults of all sizes.

The World’s First Zippered Medical Gown

The best functional gown for a hospital stay or doctor visit, the Zippity® Rx introduces non-reveal styling to help maintain patient privacy and integrity during doctor examinations. The custom Zippity® Rx features a no gap back design which provides warmth and access with full zip or unzip options at chest, back, side, or arm openings.

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Zippity® Rx is patented in the U.S. and Canada. Patent pending in other countries worldwide.