Introducing Zippity

A wearable piece of art that brings comfort and bliss to those it adorns.

Zippity is a new form of artistic expression — a multi-purpose garment that can be zipped, layered, wrapped, and snapped to reflect your own personal style.

This is a garment suitable for everyone — no matter your gender, height, weight, or body type. It’s up to the wearer to decide what Zippity becomes; garment or accessory.

Express your individuality and discover a soulful and playful approach to fashion.

Embrace the playful nature of the design and discover how the versatility of Zippity exudes comfort and style, helping to express your inner truth and beauty. Show your clothes what your body can do!

Wearing Zippity »

“Zippity kindles a sense of radiance and well-being in anyone who wears the garment. The design has the potential to beautify all bodies, by uplifting your spirit, renewing energy, and strengthening the will to embrace life.”

— Robin Lachman Lee, Creator of Zippity

Your Body is a Genius

Zippity is more than just wearable art. Its flexibility allows for countless personal style choices, empowering you to be comfortable in your own skin. Zippity creates a sense of joy through a fluid form that drapes, wraps, and follows the contours of your body.

Zippity — a divine design.

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